100,000+ Users In Just 12 Months Of The Touring Shows Launch

Young Voices is the largest school choir concerts in the world, taking place at prestigious arenas including The O2 Arena, London and the Genting Arena, Birmingham.
What we delivered

The scale of the shows means that locating each school within a choir of thousands is a real issue for teachers and parents. Young Voices sought to rectify this through a mobile app.

How Do Young Voices and Their Customers Benefit?
User Benefits
  • A purpose built tool to alleviate the pain points in their customer journey

  • An in-app photo wall, enabling users to share and relive their experience

  • An in-app shop, with relevant products tailored to each individual user

 Arena Benefits
  • Unrivalled Mobile engagement with the Young Voices brand – before, at, and after the show

  • Previously unavailable data and analytics on preferences and behaviour of event attendees

  • A new revenue stream opened up, allowing Young Voices to monetise their most engaged customers

Customer Success


LiveStyled’s Customer Success team worked with Young Voices to devise a plan that would identify, and introduce the app to all points of interaction within the customer journey. From on-stage announcements to app-specific landing pages and targeted email campaigns, We helped turn the app into a story of success.



The complex logistics of adding 50+ schools a night to the app and dealing with changes to location requires both flawless communication and slick processes. The knowledge and pragmatic approach of LiveStyled coupled with the excellence of the Young Voices team ensured that the experience delighted each and every user.

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