Driving Incremental F&B Revenue On Steps Comeback Tour

In 2017, Steps took to the stage at The SSE Arena, Belfast for the first time in 5 years.
A notable difference from the first time around was Belfast’s introduction of the UK’s first ever arena app.
The arena saw a 100% increase in F&B revenues compared with the previous show, with the app accounting for 13% of total revenue.
What we delivered


Increase in arena spend per head


Of total F&B spend taken through the app


Revenue taken before doors opened​

At the 2017 event, spend per head increased from £5.50 to over £10.


The app also alleviated pressure from the cash queues, whilst pre-ordering accounted for 5% of total F&B revenues.  

Win App Credit
Targeted Pre-Order

Remarketing to competition entrants with a campaign encompassing targeted Facebook posts and pre-event emails.

App Queues At Concession Stands

Dedicated app collection queues at every concession stand to speed up service & relieve pressure on cash queues.

The Key Initiatives That Delivered Uplift

​​Exclusive in-app competition whereby attendees could enter a draw to win £20 credit to spend at the show.

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