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FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield, gathers 91% of users details through SIVLive venue app

The LiveStyled powered app is designed to enhance the experience for visitors to FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield. It also includes a bespoke section for fans of Sheffield Steelers, the former Elite League ice hockey champions
App benefits to the arena 
Enhance the cusomer experience

Enhance the customer experience

Learn fan data

Learn fan/attendee data

Personalise the fan experience

Personalise the fan experience

LiveStyled worked with the arena to address the arena’s goals of delivering a next-level experience for fans and opening up opportunities to drive more revenue across food & beverage and merchandise. The app incorporates all of the functionality that fans need including the latest event information, maps, mobile payments and a digital wallet.
SIVLive’s first major event was for the Arctic Monkeys 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' tour and, with such a high stakes launch, the app saw considerable early successes.
Season ticket spending
Registration rate
Learn fan data


Average transaction value through app 


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Achieving success

In Venue

You can’t miss the posters and signage around the arena promoting the app. These are strategically positioned around bar areas and in high traffic areas. They use bright colours to promote the app branding and catch the eyes of attendees. All these gentle nudges really help to get as many people as possible using the app.


In the arena, you’ll find the F&B operational staff have taken commitment to the app to a really high level. 50% of the stands in the seating sections having app-only queues, making it easier for customers to find a convenient place to collect their orders.


The bars are clearly signposted at all levels of view with the distinctive branding being shown on the floor, at eye level and on the screens above the stands. The signage has clear, step-by-step instructions on how to order food and drink through the app to inform app customers on their journey.





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Orders are easily communicated to bar staff without the need to shout
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50% of the stands in the seating sections having app-only queues


During the Arctic Monkeys concert many attendees were keen to find out how to use the app, given the queues on the SIVLive app bars are much faster moving compared to their cash rivals. The main reasons for this are:


·    Orders are easily communicated to bar staff without the need to shout over a noisy crowd.



·    People have already decided on their order before getting to the front of the queue, meaning time spent looking at the menu, and holding up others in the queue.



·    Payment takes place through the app meaning that there are no cash / card payments slowing things down.


As well as the eye-catching bar branding, the arena used digital marketing techniques to promote the app.


On visiting the arena website, your eyes are drawn to the huge banner promoting the app. This links you to the SIVLive landing page on their website which highlights the benefits of the app, contains a video explaining how it works. The page also displays SIVLive branding and links to download the app.  


The app was also promoted through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as being included in the Arena newsletter and email updates.


These techniques increased awareness of the app and revenue through the app looks set to reach incredible levels in the future.​​


We can’t wait to see more success from the SIVLive app in the upcoming months.

Used digital marketing techniques to promote the app

Download the app and take a look for yourself. Available on both iOS and Android. 

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