Features Overview: The In-Stadium Experience

From content that is personalised to each fan, to engagement features such as Voting and Selfie Walls, the new Spurs Official app created by LiveStyled is packed full of features to bring fans closer to the Club whether they are inside or away from the stadium.

Since its launch earlier this month, the app has received glowing reviews and even hit the number one spot on the Sports Chart on both the App Store and Google Play.

As a fan visiting the stadium for the first time, I was impressed by the sheer amount of features available throughout the app, enabling me to have a seamless experience before, during and after the game.


Once downloaded, I was able to log into the app using my Single Sign-On details. Having previously purchased my ticket, the app used my details to surface my ticket in the wallet tab as well as on home screen - ready for me to use as I entered the stadium.

This is all made possible via LiveStyled integrations with both the Spurs Single Sign-On system, and with access control provider, Fortress.


Fans visiting the new stadium can take advantage of the app’s Interactive Map. Using blue dot navigation, the app allows the user to pinpoint their location within the stadium and offers turn-by-turn directions to any point of interest.

As a stadium newbie, I used the interactive map to find my seat. What’s more, I was able to check out some of the 60+ food & drink outlets dotted around the new ground using directions shown on the map.

The map functionality is powered by an integration with Meridian / Aruba HPE.


Another note-worthy feature within the Spurs Official app is the use of proximity messaging.

As the user walks around the stadium, they will receive messages based on their location. This could include a message welcoming them to a match, informing them of quieter concession stands nearby, or thanking them for coming as they exit.

In addition to in-stadium proximity messages, fans can also receive messages outside the stadium. These messages could be recommendations such as the best transport route home.

Proximity messaging is made possible by beacons around the stadium, and an integration between Aruba HPE, Crowd Connected and LiveStyled.


To further enhance the fan experience, the app is packed with native information pages on every area of the stadium - ensuring fans are well informed ahead of their visit.

I was able to view how to get to the stadium, what bag I was allowed to enter with and information about my ticket. This was just some of the information that was surfaced to me prior and during the match I was attending.

The new Spurs Official app is an essential companion for any Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Interested in seeing a demo or talking to LiveStyled about making your sports or team app world leading? CONTACT US

Try it for yourself. Download the Official Tottenham Hotspur Football Club app below:

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