New Feature: Line-Up View and Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder was released in 2018 to meet requirements given by All Points East and Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time on behalf of AEG Presents. With the LiveStyled platform constantly adapting and updating, we chose to revisit this feature and look at supporting it with a Line-Up view that makes it easier to discover and favourite events at festivals in 2019.


One of the most exciting parts of visiting any festival is viewing and scheduling what artists and events that you would like to attend. The initial challenge that was posed to LiveStyled was to create a feature that would allow users to easily search and filter for artists, view set times and build their own personalised schedule for the festival.


Artist Line-up

Users of our festival apps can see the full line up with information on the artist, what stage they're performing on and set times. The user can filter the artist by the day and stage name, as well as using the search bar to find specific artists.

On this view users can favourite which acts they would like to watch by pressing the ‘heart’ button to the right of the artist. This then adds them to their schedule builder as well as a ‘favourites’ list view at the top right of the screen.


As well as the list view, users can see the line up for each day in a ‘schedule’ view. Users can filter by the day of the festival in this view. Stage names are clearly displayed on the left of the screen with the colour corresponding to the stage name.

Schedule Builder

Artists can be favourited from both the line-up and schedule view. This will then add them to their favourites and own schedule builder. On the schedule builder, favourited artists will be shown as highlighted.

If you have any clashes on your schedule this will also be shown on your schedule builder.

What it looks like

After spending time at festivals and researching the users of our product, the UI/UX team at LiveStyled designed the feature to be as user friendly as possible. After many iterations as well as testing a range of different layouts and designs, the team decided on the user interface shown below:

This new and exciting improvement to our platform will be used throughout our festival apps this summer. We can’t wait to hear feedback from our users and clients!

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