LiveStyled's Top 5 Tips for a Successful App Launch

Apps created by LiveStyled have been downloaded and used by over 1 million people (and rising), but how do you ensure that your app launch is successful and you reach your targeted download numbers?

If you’re already using LiveStyled to provide a better visitor experience at your stadium, venue or festival, or are thinking of doing so - this is the blog post for you.

Below we have comprised our top 5 digital marketing tips to achieve top success for your app:

App Store Optimisation

1. App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation helps to maximise visibility of your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, improves your conversion rate and drives more organic installs.

It is important to ensure that all ASO elements (app store listing content) are optimised before launching your app - this will ensure that the app is easy to find when searched and therefore drive more downloads.

Factors such as the title, URL, key-words, length of description, icon, feature image and screenshots are all important when it comes to ASO.

The Customer Success team at LiveStyled are trained in providing optimised content for the app stores, please contact your Customer Success Executive if you need assistance.

Social Media

2. Social Media

Start sharing your app’s features and functionalities across different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visuals such as images and videos are more successful than just plain-text posts - regularly posting visual teasers will keep people engaged and waiting for your launch date.

Creating a hashtag or slogan will mean you can start to create a community of people who are interested in the app. It will allow you to easily keep track of mentions and activity, enabling you to reply promptly to queries/comments.

You don’t need to use every single Social Media Channel possible, remember too many posts on one subject can become annoying for followers – focus on the ones that your target audience uses the most and post new and exciting content regularly.

Marketing Strategy

3. Create a Marketing Strategy

PLAN. PLAN. PLAN. One of the most important tips from our list. Planning posts and online releases for your app in advance means that, in the hustle and bustle of go-live and beyond, you can quickly copy and paste content.

Planning the marketing strategy for your app will ensure the content you are publicising isn’t repetitive and all the features of the app are promoted.

Take a look at our MARKETING CHECKLIST for a deep dive into promoting your app.

Landing Page

4. Create a Landing Page

Ensure that your website has a specific landing page for your app. You can use this page to explain app features as well as surfacing links to download the app.

The landing page should be bold and eye-catching with the main Call To Action (CTO) being to download the app. As mentioned above, Visuals such as images and video are more successful than just plain-text posts. Why not create a short video snippet highlighting the best features of your app? The landing page should be regularly updated with new features and updates.


5. Competitions & Prizes

Why not drive initial downloads and increase your app store ratings with a competition to win a prize?

The Engage module provided by the Enterprise Edition of the LiveStyled Platform provides access to both a quiz and vote functionality. If you don’t have our Enterprise edition, you can still promote a competition via email - why not get users to rate the app and pick a winner at random? This will drive downloads as well as increase app store ratings.

Above are our top 5 digital marketing tips we feel are important when launching your app in the stores. Every one of our clients is unique, some of these tips apply more to some than others. For more details and more personalised tips for your specific app, contact your Customer Success Executive.

If you are new to LiveStyled, why not REQUEST A DEMO of our product.


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