Coliseum in London - Keeping Up With The Digital Trends Of The Sport & Entertainment World

Visiting Lords Cricket Ground for any reason is simply a pleasure, but to combine that with the Coliseum Summit, certainly made for a well spent two days. Below are some of my highlights.

Day One

It seemed appropriate to kick things off with Robert Ebdon of the Marylebone Cricket Club who gave some great insight into the recent Ground Development progress at 'The Home of Cricket’, whilst also detailing the long term strategy for such a historic ground.

From one historic sporting ground to another, following on strongly was Estate Director of AELTC -Robert Deatker revealing the 'Wimbledon Master Plan' including the recent acquisition of the Wimbledon Golf Course which will allow for the tournament to grow at an unprecedented rate. As a big fan of Wimbledon, this session displayed just what a unique and world leading destination Wimbledon is and the enhanced visitor experience that is on its way, will be a huge win for all current & future fans.

The day proceeded with a number of other high profile sessions by some of the world's leading venues & stadia, all highlighting their unique physical and digital challenges and the seemingly shared objective to enhance the fan experience whilst also increasing customer insight.

To top things off, the evening was sponsored by Coliseum at the Lords Tavern allowing for some great catch ups and networking opportunities with organisations looking to make a beneficial impact at their venue.

Day Two

Day Two was launched by Sam Piccone III from OVG International, presenting OVG's recent Seattle Arena project as well as their long term arena strategy. The presentation also demonstrated effectively how 'collective Buying & Selling' as an alliance is proving to be an effective approach in the US, and how this process is looking to be rolled out across new regions in the coming months.

A key session from day two was the introduction to Tim Hoffman of ICS Network & the legendary Wacken festival taking place in Germany this August. Being the largest metal festival in the world, expectations were set high for the promotional video being shown and it certainly did not disappoint. For those lucky enough to get tickets before it sold out in a matter of days, this summer will be one to remember.

Following on the theme of high energy trailers, the Žalgirio Arena promotional video presented by Uné Marija Jurkštaitė also surpassed the standard being set at the Coliseum summit. Although worlds apart, the message was the same: In 2019, delivering a memorable and sharable fan experience is a must.

And to bring the Summit to a close, we were lucky enough to have David Jones from AEG Europe to discuss 'whether or not a venue can do without an app' and give insight into AEG's portfolio wide app project which is being delivered in collaboration with us here at LiveStyled. David discussed the operational challenges faced along the way, as well as the future digital ticketing plans that are set to revolutionise AEG Europe's app project and keep AEG Europe at the fore-front of the global digital experience.

It was great to meet new contacts in this field, and I am looking forward to kicking off some new projects off the back of a productive Coliseum Summit!​

If you missed the chance to speak to us at Coliseum, the team would be happy to talk, simply get in touch on 0207 223 3262 or click to use the contact us form.

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