Faster, Safer and Fairer Ticketing - Introducing Flash Mobile Delivery

The O2 and The SSE Arena, Wembley have introduced Flash Mobile Delivery ticketing within their mobile apps, powered by the LiveStyled platform.

Once fans have purchased tickets to one of the biggest live entertainment shows of the year, the last thing they want to do is worry about saving, printing, posting and not losing their precious tickets. To combat these issues The O2 and The SSE Arena, Wembley have introduced Flash Mobile Delivery ticketing to their LiveStyled powered apps.

Flash Mobile Digital Ticket on The O2 app


Flash Mobile Delivery is a digital ticketing system, where tickets are assigned automatically and directly to the customers' smartphone as soon as they are purchased. Tickets come in the form of a dynamic barcode that changes every 59 seconds, ensuring tickets cannot be duplicated or shared illegally.


All purchased tickets are stored safely on the customers' smartphone within the app, with the option of transferring tickets right up until showtime. If tickets have been purchased for a group there’s no need to print out multiple tickets or meet up outside the venue to get in together. Customers can simply enter the name and email address of who they want to share the ticket with, they then receive an email notification and access to the ticket instantly. Additionally, there is no fee for transferring and unlimited transfers can be made.

In order to retrieve the shared tickets, attendees are required to download the venue app. This enables the venues to identify each person attending the venue, and useful customer data can then be used to market other offers and products to drive incremental revenue.


Flash Mobile Delivery tickets provide fans a safer, faster and fairer ticketing system. Selling tickets couldn’t be easier with Official Resale. Those looking to snap up tickets for a sold-out event can guarantee all tickets are authentic and sold at a fair price, thanks to the dynamic barcode feature and a 10% increase cap on face value. The resale platform with Flash Mobile Delivery tickets will prevent touts and inflated ticket prices while providing a fast and secure way to buy and sell tickets for the most popular live events.

Flash Mobile Login with AXS on The O2 app


Digital ticketing offers a green alternative to paper tickets whilst eliminating the risk of loss. The digital barcode is quickly scanned on entry and works even without a WiFi connection or mobile network.


Flash Mobile Delivery Tickets and the Official Resale is now available for Flash Mobile Delivery shows at The O2 and The SSE Arena, Wembley.


AXS Ticketing is just one of a number of ticketing technologies we integrate into the LiveStyled platform. For a demonstration, or to discuss options available with your current ticketing provider, please use the contact us form to talk to one of our consultants.

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