LiveStyled's Top Tips to Increase App Store Ratings

High average rating is a key component of an app’s success. With more than 7.5 million apps in the stores, breaking through the crowd and convincing a user to download is not such an easy task. The top apps were found to have at least 4-star rating and on average, the rating of the top iOS apps is 3.81 stars and for Android it is 4.16 stars.

You’ve just launched your new app powered by LiveStyled, it’s on both the App Store and Google Play Store and you’re excited about receiving feedback! But how do you encourage positive feedback from your users?

Build a great product

Easy! Our award-winning platform enables venues, festivals and stadia to become ‘smart’ by helping them recognise, understand and reward their customers digitally.

We have worked with the likes of The O2 Arena, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and All Points East Festival to create world-leading apps in the entertainment industry.

Features such as context (allowing your app’s content to change dependant on your age, location or ticket), our new line-up builder and our wide range of different ticketing, CMS and PoS integration capabilities allow for an idyllic user experience.

Any product made by LiveStyled is a great one!

Encourage, Reward and Respond

In order for positive reviews to be made on the app, LiveStyled recommends encouraging feedback on the app through a range of different methods.

This could be done by a simple pop up notification within the app, a link through a banner in the discover feed or a push notification sent to users. Why not create an incentive for users to rate the app such as discounted tickets or being entered into a draw? Speak to your Customer Success Manager on the best way to encourage feedback on your app.

When customers feel their feedback is both welcomed and valued, they report higher satisfaction and a greater affinity for your brand. Take the time to respond to each customer who leaves feedback, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative. If the app feedback contains a suggestion or bug report, let the customer know where this issue stands in your roadmap. And once that issue has been fixed or that suggestion has been implemented, reach back out to inform the customer of the impact their feedback made.

The right timing

You would never request ratings from a user immediately following a crash or another failure. Instead, ask for ratings after specific usage milestones – such as following regular usage, after being rewarded or after they’ve just made a purchase of tickets, merchandise, food or drink.

Doing it this way means you’re more likely to contact them when they’re happy.

Here are just a few tips that LiveStyled has to increase App Store and Google Play ratings. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for making the most of your app.

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