Futures Forum: Highlights Of The Day

Futures Forum

Friday saw the final day of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) - Futures Forum. The day was packed full of discussions and networking amongst the next generation of live music industry leaders. Designed for young professionals, we learnt everything from the importance of content in the music industry to the reason behind Dua Lipa’s ‘245’ tattoo!

Below are some of our highlights of the day.

How it’s Done…The Brit Awards

The Soapbox sessions kicked off with Maggie Crowe from BPI giving an insightful talk on what goes into organising the annual celebration of British music.

With next years showing being the 40th Brit Awards, work on the event will begin in September. The backstage team of over 1,500 will move into The O2 8 days before the event to ensure everything is ready for the artists and 15,000+ attendees.

Maggie expressed the difficulties in working with such a range of diverse artists and said one of the best bits of advice she has is to “adapt, learn and listen.” Following this advice meant huge successes for this years Brits with over 4.2million viewers on ITV1 and over 4 million streams elsewhere (excluding catch-up TV).

Claire O'Neill

Make Festivals Greener

A Greener Festival co-founder Claire O’Neill took things back a step, providing us with her top ten tips for living a more eco-friendly life. The entire industry is increasing its focus on reducing the environmental impact of live music events and implementing more eco-friendly event solutions, but what small changes we can make as individuals to reduce our impact on planet earth?

She started off with the basics, encouraging the use of reusables at festivals (bottles, forks etc) and the use of public transport such as buses and trains instead of cars and planes with high carbon emissions. Claire discussed how much food can impact the environment, explaining how a meat-based food system requires more energy, land, and water resources than the vegan diet.

Claire mentioned how damaging the cocaine industry is to the environment, contributing to both deforestation and the intoxication of water around the world.

Ben Tipple

Content is Queen

Switching titles from ‘Content is King’ to ‘Content is Queen’ in honour of International Women’s day, Ben Tipple from Ticketmaster, gave some interesting insights into the importance of content to the industry.

He began the quick, 15-minute Soapbox Session by explaining the meaning of content and how he applies it to his marketing strategy at Ticketmaster. He expressed how “rules don’t exist when it comes to content” and that good content should be “relevant”, “valuable” and “tell a story.”

He mentioned the infamous ‘Fyre Festival’ and how the power of paid media enabled one single orange tile to achieve over 300 million impressions in 24 hours on instagram.

Dua Lipa

Do it like Dua

To conclude a fantastic week at ILMC, Dua Lipa and father Dukagjin ‘Dugi’ Lipa, were interviewed by IQ editor Gordon Masson for The Futures Forum Keynote: Dugi & Dua Lipa.

Described by Masson as the “hardest-working person in pop”, Dua called the period around the release of her first major album – when she played 245 concerts and festival shows (hence the tattoo) as a “whirlwind” and “the craziest three years of my life”.

After discussing Dua’s success and the history of how both her and her father got into the industry, we were told about the duo’s Sunny Hill Festival. Last year, the Dua and Digi organised the inaugural Sunny Hill Festival in Pristina – Kosovo’s first major music festival – which aimed to put the young country on the cultural map while raising funds for underprivileged groups.

The LiveStyled team had a great week at ILMC this year and look forward to seeing more familiar faces next year.

If you missed the chance to speak to us at ILMC, the team would be happy to talk, simply get in touch on 0207 223 3262 or click to use the contact us form.


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