Life is Suite with LiveStyled - Here’s how we can enhance your visitors’ experience

Its a fairly obvious statement, but those enjoying your events from a suite or VIP box both want and expect more. Having had a good share of experience in both suites and in general admission, we would break down our realistic expectations for both experiences to the below:

General Admission Expectations

  • To have the night of my life, watching an artist I love

  • To have to queue for food, drinks and merchandise

  • To be paying with my own money

Suite/VIP Expectations

  • To have a good night, watching an artist I enjoy

  • To have food and drink delivered to me, without delay

  • To have my night (at-least somewhat) paid for

The key takeaway from the above, is that in most cases, a good proportion of suite guests are more impressed by the level of service than what’s on stage. General admission customers somewhat expect pain points, VIP’s do not.

The good news is, the majority of suite experiences enjoyed by the folks here at LiveStyled have been very good, however with the knowledge of our product in my mind - I’ve outlined a few suggestions on how our technology could be used to really take your VIP visitors’ experience to the next level.

Creating a Dedicated App Environment for Suite Guests

If guests expect a premium physical experience at your venue, its only fair to deliver them a premium digital one also! Through your venue’s LiveStyled app, you can dynamically adapt all content within the app to be suite holder, or suite guest specific, creating a truly personalised environment. What you show these users is completely up to you, but suggestions might well include a food and drinks menu, important information for their visit and even a premium merchandise bundle.

With existing LiveStyled functionality, there are two ways to deliver this environment.

The first and easiest to implement would be through our existing loyalty group functionality. The venue would simply allocate each suite holder with two unique codes - one for suite holders and one for their guests. Both the holder and their guests would then login to an app portal with their code to unlock a totally unique app experience.

The second, requiring a ticketing integration, would be to personalise the app based on the user’s ticketing information. As more and more clients introduce ticketing in to their LiveStyled apps - this requirement is becoming ever more common and desirable.

For more info on how the app experience can be personalised based on what we know about the user, check out THIS blog post.

Ordering and Delivery of Food, Drink & Merchandise

Using existing LiveStyled functionality, suite holders and guests could order both food & drinks and merchandise to their suite.

An explanation of why you should drive your suite customers to do this for food and drink orders is covered under the next heading, but looking specifically at merchandise, there are usually two scenarios that occur for suite holders:

  1. Suite holders and guests can order merchandise to their suite, however they must visit a merchandise stand to see which item they would like to order

  2. Suite holders and guests must go down to a merchandise stand and order from there.

Usually, the reason suite delivery isn’t offered for merchandise is because there is no easy way to show guests what’s on offer for that show - without them walking downstairs at least. Yes, the suite host could take a photo of the merchandise stand to present to guests -

but that’s certainly not a very VIP experience!

Much better, would be to list the available merchandise range and imagery within their section of the app, and allow them to order through the app for delivery to their suite. A great enhancement to the venue experience, but also an opportunity to drive significant additional revenue from your highest spending customers.

Going Mobile, with an Order Dashboard

A fairly key component of the suite experience is the suite host. Suites will often have a buzzer or phone whereby guests can call their suite host to come and take their order. What suite guests often don’t realise is that a suite host will often be looking after 3-5 suites at a time. In practice, this can make the process of walking down to a suite to take an order, walking back to collect the order, then walking back to the suite to deliver the order, feel somewhat inefficient.

The solution - an order dashboard whereby suite staff can view incoming app orders, prepare them, and deliver them - all within one journey instead of three. This way of managing orders is already being used with success across our client base and delivers both improved service and efficiency gains = a big win all round.

Sharing Credit with Suite Guests

A regular feature of the suite experience is the suite holder being responsible for the placing of any orders and the end of night payment - through the LiveStyled platform, this relative bottleneck could be alleviated. How about allowing suite holders to share virtual currency with suite guests through your venue app, empowering them to order for themselves with their allocated allowance.

Not only would this implementation enhance all visitors’ experience, but it would also allow you to gather invaluable data on suite guests that in most cases, isn’t possible. On the night of the event, this would allow you to target them with offers to increase their spend, and longer term - to turn your suite guests in to suite holders!

Rewarding Suite Holders for Making Their Suites Available

Now, there will be instances where your suite holders and their guests aren’t around at all - and there’s nothing commercially worse than an empty suite.

Through your LiveStyled venue app, you could open up the opportunity for suite resale on events where suite holders are away. This would take the form of a hub whereby suite holders would be able to indicate which events they will be attending and which they will not.

As detailed in the accompanying screenshot, suite holders could then earn a monetary reward for giving up their suite for an event, opening new revenue opportunities for the venue.

These are just a few of our top picks for making your suite experience even better - contact us to find out more.

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