LiveStyled’s Top 5 Most Influential Android Apps And Experiences Of 2018

At LiveStyled we mainly focus on making venue, festival and sports team apps amazing. But we also love to see what other industries are creating that are enhancing customer experiences. Our Android team have put their heads together to come up with their favourite apps of 2018. Here are the top 5.

#1 BBC Sounds

The new BBC Sounds app brings together aspects of the old iPlayer Radio app and the rest of the BBC's music content in one neat, beautifully designed package. Podcasts, mixes and stations from around the country are all easy to find. The headline station selector carousel also makes listening live really easy and provides a visual indicator of how long is left of your favourite show.

#2 BT Sport

The BT Sport app is one of the most complete sports broadcasting apps in the UK. Users can watch live events and all the BT Sport channels from anywhere, as well as catch up on shows and highlights of their favourite sports.

This sounds unexceptional, however the app has some killer features. First, the enhanced live player, which allows football fans to see goals from exclusive angles, and when joining a match mid-way, allows users to tap on the timeline at the bottom of the screen to go back to all the goals and important moments in the game and see them again. BT Sport also supports Google Cast so you can switch to your TV when you arrive home, and has a beautiful stats screen for every live game so you can see at a glance how your team is doing. The TV guide also has a quick link for today's top events, so you can cut out the repeats and find something worth watching.

#3 Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app in competition with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger among others, famed for having end-to-end encryption since day 1, with a $200,000 reward for the hacker who can break the telegram encrypted protocol; so far nobody has won the prize.

Telegram has a huge file size limit of 4GB, and you can send virtually anything; any kind of document or picture... or even a whole movie! Because of this high limit, if you combine this functionality with the "saved message" chat (a chat visible only to you) you can use it as your own personal unlimited cloud storage facility.

You can create or use an impressive amount of bots for telegram. Thanks to this functionality Telegram was able to provide animated gifs from Giphy 5-6 years before WhatsApp, but bot functionality is much more than some fancy gifs. Local governments around the world have created their own telegram bot in order to provide services like bus timetables, and newspapers create new feeds every day.

Another area where Telegram excels is stickers, where every user can create their own sticker package and share it. Telegram has also had self-destructive chat for a while now, a feature SnapChat is famous for, but with the added capabilities of Telegram messenger.

Finally, Telegram does not limit the number of devices you can use it on. You using Telegram on 2 phones, 1 tablet and 2 laptops if you liked, simultaneously with the same account.

#4 HQ Trivia

The Android app for HQ Trivia was launched at the very end of 2017, and rose to prominence in 2018. Now well-known for its quizzes which go from easy to tough very quickly, and cash prizes for the cleverest (or luckiest) users, HQ Trivia is an addictive live app-based quiz show hosted by real-life quiz masters in a video streamed direct to smartphones.

HQ was a viral sensation in mid-2018, and although interest in the app appears to be waning, for a while HQ had a big impact on the app economy, with the innovative live shows bringing together the old concept of appointment viewing with the engagement possibilities of modern smartphones. Users were encouraged to sign up their friends with extra lives, and the company has paid out thousands in prize money to winners of the quizzes.

The app itself is also well designed, with the host posing questions in front of a green screen so they seamlessly blend into the back of the app, and questions appear on top of them.

#5 Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app for the future, showcasing the best of material design, and allowing users to take notes in all sorts of formats; from pictures scrawled with their finger, or voice messages and lists.

Google Keep works seamlessly with Google accounts and is accessible from a web browser as well as your device. Even whilst being rich in features, Keep still manages to stay simple, with a clean user interface making it quick to find what you're looking for.

These are just some of the apps that the LiveStyled Android team enjoyed in 2018. We are always looking to improve the user experience of our apps and love to keep up to date with new and exciting apps and experiences. Let us know if you agree with our top 5 Android apps!.

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