LiveStyled’s Top 5 Most Influential iOS Apps And Experiences Of 2018

At LiveStyled we mainly focus on making venue apps amazing. But we also love to see what other industries are creating that are enhancing customer experiences. Here are some of our favourite apps from 2018. They’re not all new, but they are all great!

#1 Monzo

Half bank, half app - all amazing. Monzo is well designed, feature rich, delightful and

addictive. By the time you finish the onboarding and account creation process your High Street bank account will seem old and stale.

Monzo is used throughout the LiveStyled office and is a great app to eliminate the other banking apps on your phone and keep all of your information together.

BEST BITS: Being able to create pots of money within a single bank account, adding

notes and tags to items on your statement and seeing exactly where you’ve spent your

money (they even add pins to a map).

#2 CityMapper

Although not new to 2018, Citymapper is one of the most widely used apps across the LiveStyled team. Citymapper has a simple user interface which makes travelling around the city a breeze, making it the ultimate companion for anyone who works in, lives in or is just visiting a city. It is currently available for use in cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Milan with plans to expand to more worldwide.

The app has some great features including a ‘Get me Home’ shortcut and the most accurate timing and live travel updates that we have seen within a transport app.

BEST BITS: Clear icons and recognisable colour-coding keep it uncluttered and easy to read. The app also has fun aspect throughout with quirky illustrations and extras (We’ve even spotted a flying Mayor of London a couple of times!)

#3 Apollo

Apollo is an app for reading Reddit that is a master class in following Apples Human

Interface Guidelines

Reddit is a vast, sometimes strange place, but Apollo makes it easy to follow only the

content you’re interested in and do it in style. Follow subreddits, leave comments, vote

and browse any type of media imaginable - all with one hand.

Apollo is free to use, but advanced features like dark themes, custom icons and more

media options will set you back £2.99

BEST BITS: The UI makes use of many great gestures that make it a treat to use. The

‘jump-bar’ makes it super easy to switch between sub-Reddits liker/

AccidentalRenaissance and r/OldSchoolCool. The automatic Dark Mode (based on

time of day) is also a pretty quirky feature.

#4 Bear

Everyone at the office knows that our designers change text editors like they change underwear. But not anymore. After years of exploring dozens of text editors we think we’ve finally found a home in Bear.

Bear is a text editor for iOS and macOS that supports Markdown formatting and some

other nifty organisation features. You can tag notes, link multiple documents together

and share them in all sorts of formats - all from a highly customizable and beautiful UI.

You can use the basic features of Bear for free on iOS and macOS and pay a yearly

subscription (£12.99 - cheap!) to unlock more advanced features.

BEST BITS: Bear has lots of different theme options, near instant sync across multiple devices and the quick format bar across the top of the keyboard on iOS.

#5 Headspace

Stressed? Feeling Low? Whether it’s in the morning, while at work, or in the evening, Headspace provides you with meditation sessions whenever you need them. The app has more than 100 guided meditations with a wide variety of topics such as focus, exercise, travel, sleep, and more. There are even simpler sessions for children as well.

The calmly spoken exercises are designed to be used for around 10 minutes a day, starting with a 10-session pack that comes free with the initial download. If you want to continue after that, it’ll cost you £9.99 a month or £74.99 a year, with a simple, clear stats screen tracking your progress.

BEST BITS: The simple and colourful UI is a pleasure to use and the app has proven results in improving overall mental health over a prolonged period of time. Tracking your meditation time adds a competitive aspect to the app and encourages recurring use.

These are just some of the apps that the LiveStyled team enjoyed in 2018. We are always looking to improve the user experience of our apps and love to keep up to date with new and exciting apps and experiences. Let us know if you agree with our top 5.

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