New Feature: Advanced Personalisation

As users interact with your brand through its digital touch points, they will require different functionality to meet their needs at that specific point in their journey.

For example, a fan making their way to a football match in the UK at 2pm on a Saturday, will require very different functionality to an international fan on the other side of the globe. The challenge is to make the experience relevant for each with minimal input from the user.

The LiveStyled platform uses different ‘context’ triggers to understand the user and serve them an app experience relevant to their requirements.

These triggers include:

  • Location – In Venue, Local, International

  • Ticket holder

  • Time & Date

  • Venue and event

  • Team

  • Loyalty Group

Location Based Content

Dependent on location, fans have different needs. Venues and stadium visitors are looking for different information at different times, dependent on their geographical location and position in the customer journey around visiting a venue. For this we have introduced the concept of ‘In Venue, Local & International’.

In-venue - Is a fan who is within the venue

Local - Is in the same country but not attending the event

International - Is far from the venue, in a different territory but wants to follow the action

How Will Location Affect Content?

A fan who is within the stadium or arena will have very different requirements to an international fan. LiveStyled apps surface the most appropriate content to each user to meet their expectations.

In venue

Content appropriate to the venue experience


Not attending the venue but in the same country and wants to be kept up to date.


Is far from the venue but want to follow the action.

The Ticket Holder Journey

Using ticketing information LiveStyled can identify the app users that will be attending the game. Using this knowledge the app will surface content to assist and enhance the match day experience.

Before match

Prior to the match, the app will focus on navigation assistance and easy access to the ticket, making the start of the fan journey simple.

During match

Once in the stadium, the app will enhance the experience with a number of features including F&B click and collect.

Post match

Keep the fan engaged, rewarding them with content or incentives to come back to the stadium.

Non-Ticket Holder Journey

A fan who is not attending the stadium will want to feel close to the action with updates and news, but will not want to be distracted with stadium functionality.

Before match - non ticket

Build excitement with countdown timer and keep fans up to date with the latest team news and content.

During match - no ticket

The most important news is front and centre. Keeping the fan close to the action, from afar.

Post match - non ticket

Relevant news and stats to make the app a must use tool for keeping in the know.

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