Mobile Ticketing: What Are The Benefits?

Mobile ticketing is a powerful tool that, if implemented & marketed correctly, can be the biggest driver of app uptake. Many modern sports and concert facilities already use barcode readers to process paper tickets, meaning that the technology is already in place. In addition to app uptake, mobile ticketing provides a range of benefits, whether those be environmental, operational or simply additional benefits given to mobile ticketing users by a venue, ease of access and mobile ticket priorities.

The ‘Access’ module in the LiveStyled platform provides simple and easy-to-use mobile ticketing and ticket sharing.

Combined with both the ‘Identity’ and ‘Connect’ modules, venues can enable single sign-on between LiveStyled and the ticketing platform, allowing customers to import their tickets, share tickets with their friends and use the app for venue access control.

Benefits of mobile ticketing

Environmentally friendly – Encouraging event attendees to go paperless is a great way to show that the venue is committed to being environmentally friendly.

Ease of Access - Mobile ticketing’s biggest strength is in its simplicity. All tickets can be located in one place and there are no tickets or emails that need to be printed – the user just needs their phone. The user journey for mobile ticketing is significantly simpler than a paper ticket option.

Priority queuing – Priority app lanes can be incorporated into venues for customers using mobile ticketing within the app. This queue should give the user quicker access into the arena than regular lines.

User incentives – Venues can help drive uptake for mobile ticketing by offering incentives to users. Whether it’s simply priority queuing as mentioned above, or more elaborate campaigns involving app credit and rewards, users can access a range of exclusive benefits when they have the ticket on their phone.

Above is a summary of the benefits that mobile ticketing can provide. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs for more detail.

If you would like to learn more about how LiveStyled can help your venue please click here to contact us.

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