The O2 Arena Introduces Branded Fast-Track App Lane

The O2 arena has introduced a branded ‘app fast-track collection lane’ to support uptake of their LiveStyled powered mobile app.

Having strong, visible branding for app collection points is a fantastic marketing tactic, and key to the success of fast-track lanes and app-only bars.

On The O2 arena concourse, you will find the branded bar areas with easy-to-read text, large floor vinyl stickers, bright branded colours and enticing deals. It’s high impact and attention grabbing creative.

Some benefits of using strong branding on app-only bars and queues include:

  • It promotes the benefits of ordering via the app and encourages downloads.

  • Customers can easily identify where they need to collect their food and drinks.

  • It ensures that customers know that the bar/queue is ‘app-only’ rather than to be used by everyone.

  • It entices customers to download the app when they see the fast-moving queue.

  • It takes pressure off the cash bars.

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