Monetising Mobile #3: Target and Reward Loyal Customers

Target and reward loyal venue customers

In chapter three in the series of “Monetising Mobile” blogs, we will take a look at how the LiveStyled platform can be used by venues and teams of all sizes to target and reward their customers in order to drive up loyalty.

The LiveStyled platform provides tools that make it possible to easily identify your individual customers; segment them by status and behaviours, then reward them with personalised content within the app. This content can encompass special offers, such as exclusive discounts on food & beverage, gifts in the form virtual currency, experience upgrades and much more.

Targeted Rewards

With LiveStyled you can segment based on behaviours in the data we capture, or by using a known attribute such as season ticket holder status.


Rewards available only to specific user groups such as VIPs, members or season ticket holders.


Rewards which are triggered or earned based on user actions, such as spending over a certain amount.

Status - Rewarding Your Most Loyal Customers

Using LiveStyled’s App Management System, Backstage, you can set up exclusive content and offers for specific “Loyalty Groups” dependent on their Status. Status could be determined by a number of attributes, such as: ‘Membership’ of a venue loyalty scheme, holding a season ticket, or being a customer of one of the venue or event’s sponsors.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use this technology to reward customers and gain insights on the uptake.

Behaviour - Incentivising Desired User Actions & Engagement

There are a number of actions and behaviours a customer could take that would be motivated by the chance to earn additional rewards.

  • Registering on the app

  • Signing into a loyalty group

  • Winning a competition

  • Sharing tickets with friends

  • Inputting a voucher code

  • Spending over a certain amount

  • Customer lifetime value

  • Visiting specific locations

These triggers give you a range of flexible tools which can be combined to create appealing campaigns for your visitors: Rewards can be served to customers in the form of virtual currency or “credit” which can be spent on anything available for sale in the app. Alternatively, the user could be gifted a free or product.

These triggers can be combined with filters to add additional layers of exclusivity to your promotions, including time-scheduling (so a reward can only be earnt at certain times), geo-fencing (so users have to be in specific locations to trigger a reward) and budget setting (limit the amount you give away). Users can also be notified when they’ve earnt rewards via push notification.

Here are some examples of the types of campaigns you can

run with these powerful capabilities:

  • First 100 customers to download & sign in earn £5 free credit!

  • Place a preorder for more than £10 and get a free soft drink - only before 6pm!

  • The early bird gets the credit! Get to the venue before 7pm and place an order to earn £2.50 towards your next order.

  • Can you find the hidden treasure? Visit 5 key locations around the venue and unlock an exclusive backstage tour

  • Only 5 lucky treasure hunters can win. Will it be you?

In Conclusion

With rewards being easily deployed to targeted customer groups via the app, you’ll see an increase of goodwill and loyalty towards the venue as attendees feel more valued. It will also encourage existing users to utilise the app for other elements of their visit, such as placing F&B orders or transport planning for their trip to the venue. Each time they interact with the app you’ll be gathering more valuable data on the individuals.

Other benefits will come such as word-of-mouth marketing. Everyone loves to share good experiences. So as users tell their friends about the great rewards they got via the app you’ll see an increase in app downloads and more users registering.

Crucially, mobile gives you the opportunity to track the effectiveness of every single loyalty campaign you run so you can ensure you focus your promotional efforts and marketing budget on the offerings that are giving you the best results.

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Next up, we look in to maximising merchandise sales through the app.

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