LiveStyled Win the Ticketmaster & TFL London Hack Day 2017

On a sunny day in June, our brilliant mobile app developers and designers headed to Ticketmaster HQ to take part in the Hack Day 2017 as part of London Tech Week.

In the brief, Ticketmaster and TFL challenged participants to create an app using open APIs from Ticketmaster and TfL – in just six hours! They then had to present their demos in a pitch competition to the judging panel, a select group of executives from Ticketmaster and TfL, as well as Richard Trenholm, Senior Editor at CNET.

In the space of those few short hours, the team conceived and built the ‘Gig Roulette’ app. Spin the roulette wheel and it will recommend an amazing gig for you to attend that night.

And the best news?

Our brilliant LiveStyled team won! On the competition, Ticketmaster said:

“But ultimately there had to be one winner: team “Gig Roulette” who offered up a solution for fans to discover new music in a fun way by creating a version of the “secret hotel” concept but for gigs (for those not in the know, check Hotwire or Priceline). The concept was well thought out, it solved a common problem in an ingenious way, and the execution was well judged given the limited time available.”

Well done to all who took part!

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