Monetising Mobile #1: Is Your Venue App Fully Commercialised?

Venue app commercialisation

The biggest arenas and stadiums choose the LiveStyled platform to power their mobile customer experience. Our white-labelled apps are developed to enhance the customer experience and drive incremental revenue, therefore making a positive impact on the bottom line, rather than costing money.

In this series of blogs, we will identify the various ways in which venues can open up these new commercial opportunities through mobile. In order to achieve this, we look at how different aspects of the app environment can be commercialised.

First, we’ll focus on the advertising and sponsorship activation opportunities in addition to engagement features that exist through the platform.

1. Targeted, trackable advertising and sponsor activation.

The first benefit to sponsors is the ability to implement highly targeted and trackable advertising.

Within our Frontier app framework, there is substantial real estate available in the form of banners - usually a large rectangular widget at the top, although these can be distributed elsewhere in the UI. These positions offer high impact media space and a great opportunity to highlight key messages.

The banner scrolls through up to five messages, that can link to other areas in the app or external URLs. This space is often used for items such as ticketing for specific events, food and beverage options, or to highlight competitions, but it also provides a great piece of advertising & media inventory that can be sold or bundled in as part of sponsorship deals.

Advertising opportunities in app

Adverts are easy to implement via a simple upload to Backstage, our app management system. From here you can also select the targeting parameters to ensure the ads are being placed in front of the right segments of your audience - for example, you can display specific banners to a sponsor’s customers, or to VIP groups such as season ticket holders.

The powerful tracking tools within Backstage enable real-time reporting, so it is possible to track exactly who’s clicking and what actions they are taking as a result. All this empowers the venue to give clear concise feedback to sponsors and advertisers.

2. Competitions & Voting

With instant voting, polling, quizzes and competition features, the app allows customers to have their say. They can:

· Register their details and compete for prizes.

· Vote for their favourite performer or man of the match.

· Participate in interactive games such as quizzes & competitions.

· And even choose the next song and participate in the show.

Responses and answers can help to gather vast amounts of customer data and give you valuable insight into their preferences which you can use to personalise each experience and target individuals with more relevant offers or events.

The images below show examples of the quiz in action at Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, and one of their resident football teams, Hammarby FC.

In-app competitions

Before each match, the quiz is promoted to fans on the big screens and via push messaging. Users can initiate the quiz when they’re ready, and have to get as many right answers as they can as quickly as possible. The user who got the most right answers in the fastest time is then awarded a prize at half-time, creating a great experience for fans and valuable shareable content for sponsor social media channels.

3. Branded Selfies

LiveStyled’s AR overlay feature makes it easy to create and publish branded selfie templates for customers to use. Frames can include venue branding, or it offers a prime space to include a sponsor logo.

Selfies are often shared far and wide, so we’ve made it easy for these to be posted to all the favourite social networks. There’s also the option to display them on the photo wall within the app itself.

Branded selfie frames

These are just a few of the advertising & engagement features available through the LiveStyled platform, and there are many different campaigns which can be created using these simple tools. Stay tuned for more insights on the many ways that the platform can be used to drive fan engagement and revenue generation, and if you would like to learn more please contact us by clicking here.

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