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All Points East Festival App

In days gone by mobile phones used to serve one purpose at a festival, finding your friends when you're lost in the crowd, and that was only if you had enough battery left!

Well, technology has come a long way since then and phones have become an essential companion at festivals for capturing Instagram photos, and creating FOMO amongst your friends on Snapchat.

But they can also offer so much more than the ability to post jealousy inducing footage on social media. Downloading a festival app may just make the pre, post and your actual time at the festival just that little bit easier…

Festival apps come in mainly two forms, firstly, bespoke apps that are solely for use at that particular festival as well as generic apps which could be used to tackle more universal festival problems. Most of these apps are often free of charge and are available to download across Apple and Android allowing easy accessibility for all.

Bespoke festival apps, such as the one LiveStyled created for All Points East, offer experience enhancing features such as: mobile ticketing for speedy entry, the option to upgrade your tickets to VIP, site maps & social functions, like selfie frames and line-up and schedule planners. Long gone are the days of having to print off pages of daily lineups and clashes, not only saving you time but also saving a fair few trees at the same time!

These apps also send out push notifications with daily alerts such as weather updates (probably rain), the state of the arena ground (probably mud), any rescheduling or changes to lineups as well as features to turn on notifications so you receive an alert when it’s 15 minutes until your favourite act! No more forgetting and having to run (and probably slipping) through a muddy campsite again!

Of course, more generic festival apps also exist, ranging from assisting in helping you track down where you parked your car, where you put up your tent and also where you may of lost track of your friends between acts.

You may also have a friend who couldn’t make it but doesn’t want to miss out. Many of your day to day social media apps now offer features to “go live” meaning it’s so much easier to share exciting moments with the people you care about.

When it comes to caring for people, health and wellbeing also play an important part when it comes to the festival experience. There also a few first aid apps which (ideally) require no internet connection which focus on basic first aid skills. Many drink tracking apps also exist meaning festival experiences are less likely to be tainted by a bad alcohol related experience or hangover!

It is evident that all of these apps have one thing in mind - to enhance the customer experience and make the overall festival more enjoyable - creating positive and hopefully, long lasting relationships with both festivals and festival goers.

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