The Power of Promo

4 steps to making the most of promotional staff to improve app performance and drive uptake at your venue.

Promotional staff for Event Apps

“How do you use promo staff to market your brand or product?”

We know, a strange thing to ask in the digital age that we live in, but what LiveStyled have found across their in venue operations is that App uptake at a show is around 20% higher with promotional staff present, than at the same gig, same venue without promotional staff present.

Why is this important? Well, these figures show that a lot of venues are missing out by purely relying on digital marketing and could really benefit with having some physical promotion on the ground. The truth of the matter is, humans react to humans and although we are all having a deep and meaningful relationship with our smart phone these days, sometimes a friendly smile and a great personality can go a long way…

4 steps to making the most of promotional staff to improve app performance;

1. Knowing the audience

Here at LiveStyled, our vision is to bring customers closer to the things that they love. Along with our cutting edge data science, one way that we do this is by using our promotional staff to gauge what consumers are looking for from their venue experience. The team can then make recommendations on how the app can be used to best suit that person's needs, personality and find the things they love!

We understand that everyone is an individual and it is equally as important that our promotional staff know this. Just because 5000 gig attendees are all fans of The XX, you would be surprised by the variation in their demographic. Everyone at that show will want something different from their gig experience and your promotional staff’s ability to tap into this and personalise their app experience to each individual is what really makes a difference.

For example, the 18 year hipster girl wearing the band’s merchandise wants to hear about how she can save money on that band T-shirt, that group of 25 year old city slickers want to know how they can get served quicker at the bar and that 50 year old gent wants to know that he can get free cloak room using the app tonight (cause he’s the only one wise enough to bring a coat in the middle of Winter).

If your promotional staff can approach each person as an individual and make exact recommendations to them, the customer will feel like the unique individual that they are.

It is a simple equation really:

Empathetic and enthusiastic promotional staff + tailored app experience = happy customers + positive brand connotations = repeat custom

2. On brand

Promotional staff are a great way of bringing your brand to life (quite literally).

Your promotional staff are representing your venue brand - make sure that they look and act like it. This may be a give away but things as simple as clearly branded uniform and consistent messaging make a significant difference to app uptake. The fact is, the customer probably already loves and trusts the venue so an easy way to ensure that customers feel the same about your promotional staff and in turn your product is to ensure that they fully embrace the brand and vision.

If your branding is yellow, then your staff wear the brightest yellow; if you are all about customer service then your promo staff have a stapled on smile; if you're an edgy brand, then your staff wear Doc Martins and a bowl cut. I think you see where I’m going here. Consistency with your brand is key! And a customer is a lot more likely to want to engage with your staff and hear what they have to say if they look and act the part.

App Genius at O2 Academy Brixton

3. App Geniuses

Not unlike brand, your promotional staff’s knowledge of the App/Product is imperative to driving uptake and success. Their competency with the app and presence on the ground can be useful in several ways and not just for the obvious reasons. One example is the staff’s visibility on the ground means that they can clearly spot any customers who need a little extra help with using the App where otherwise you would not be able to know this.

Your promotional staff’s ability to walk customers through the app process, as simply and efficiently as possible means that you will be gaining revenue where you otherwise would have lost a sale. This is especially helpful if you have a mature audience who haven’t been born with a smartphone in their hand and 10,000 instagram followers.

4. Data Generator

Nobody can get closer to your staff than a member of promotional staff - so why not use this to your ability?

So your audience are struggling finding somewhere to park their car before the gig, they have forgotten their wallet - again, they aren’t sure if their friends have arrived yet, they wish the venue would release the set times...These are all real life data issues that you can exploit to make your app more appealing to your users.

Instead of guessing what your customers want, get your promotional staff out there to find what they want - or don’t want. Sometimes knowing what your consumers hate can be more useful in bringing them closer to what they love then simply knowing what they love in the first place.

We all know that unless it is a five question quantitative survey with an incentive or looking at app stats, it can be pretty hard to try and gain qualitative data from your customers, so what better way to do it then when they don’t even realise they are doing it.

This honest feedback can then be fed back to your company and used for future app developments - that’s what we like to call sustainable data.

In conclusion... get the promo staff trained and on brand so they are the app geniuses that we’d all want to meet. Get them working the crowd, making people aware of your app and how to use it, and watch your uptake in users - all the time, gathering data on your audience and increasing revenues.

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