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In this series of blog posts we take a closer look at the multiple ways LiveStyled technology can be used to improve the customer experience and drive incremental revenue for venues. We’ll pick out certain elements of the platform and explain how to make the most of them. The first article in the series will take a look at enhancing the food and beverage (F&B) experience for venue customers.

Food and Beverage within the LiveStyled platform

F&B functionality sits within the ‘Monetise’ API product module. This enables a number of features, including listing goods in the shop section of the app and enabling customers to pay for purchases in app via credit / debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Android Pay (depending on venue location).

For more information on the product APIs click here for all the details.

Click and collect

As a paying venue customer, you want to see as much of the main event as you possibly can. The last thing you want to be doing is standing in long queues. That’s why click and collect is one of the simplest ways venues can enhance the customer experience.

They’ll shorten the time they are away from their seat, and... they’ll be spending.

The shop functionality within the LiveStyled app platform enables customers to select their order or browse deals & bundles that the venue has uploaded specifically for that event. What’s more, LiveStyled uses data science to understand what each individual customer is likely to engage with, and serve those offers to drive that incremental revenue.

The customer simply places their order on their phone, and heads to collect.

Customer Benefits

Reduce the time being away from the event.

Targeted deals served to your phone.

Cashless payment.

Fast collection at concession stands

Venue Benefits

Incremental revenue from targeted deals.

Improved customer experience.

No need for ePos integration.

Seat Delivery

Taking click and collect to the next level, is the option to offer ‘In-seat delivery’. This is something that is more focussed on the premium end of the market, and truly enhances the customer experience. There will be no interruption for the customer and they will not miss a single part of the event they came to see.

As with click and collect, the full menu with targeted deals and bundles will be displayed, and payment taken in app. Only this time, the customer can enter their location within the venue, and a runner will bring their food and drinks directly to them.

Customer Benefits

No need to leave your seat.

Premium experience.

Venue Benefits

Incremental revenue from targeted deals.

Improved customer experience.

As a premium service, there is the option to charge for this.

App only bars and queues

Telenor Arena T·App

If your priority is enhancing the experience by limiting the customer time away from the event, then the last thing you want is for a customer to place their order only to find they have to stand in line at the concession stand whilst others debate and place their orders in front of them.

Some of the best performing venues on the LiveStyled platform have created app only queues at some, or all, concession stands.

These queues are clearly signed and can have a dedicated members of staff serving the app customers. The queue time is therefore much shorter for app customers, and other customers seeing this are then motivated to download the app, resulting in more data collection for you.

Customer Benefits

Reduced queue time.

Enhanced experience.

Venue Benefits

Serve customers quickly.

Customers in the standard queues will be motivated to use the app.

Virtual Queuing

Virtual queuing takes app only queues a giant leap forward. Orders placed by the customer are given a specific collection point - geolocating their nearest convenient concession stand. The collection point is notified of the order via a dashboard, in the form of a tablet, for staff in the collection point. The team begin working on the order, be it preparing the drinks, or cooking the food. Once the order is ready, the staff can use the dashboard tablet to send a push notification to the customer, letting them know it’s ready for collection.

The customer is able to head to the concession stand, grab their purchase, and be back in their seat in no time.

Customer Benefit

The fastest way to collect food and not miss the event.

Venue Benefit

Limiting queues.

Limiting waste, with food and drinks made to order.


One common theme with all of the above customer enhancing features, is that they all look specifically at the experience for customers already in the venue. It shouldn't be forgotten that for the customer attending the event, the excitement begins when they grab their ticket.

Once that ticket purchaser is identified, LiveStyled offers the ability for the venue to start targeting customers with messages either in app or via email. This can encourage the customer to look at the F&B deals that will be available at the event.

What's more, with a LiveStyled app, customers can start ordering their F&B and merch before they get to the venue, which means you’ll be making money before they cross your threshold.

Specific deals with added value can be available exclusively before the event to motivate people to start spending before they are even at the venue. This could come in the form of food and drink bundles, or buy 3 get one free deals.

Customer Benefit

Get your ordering admin done before the event.

Get more value with ‘pre-sale only’ bundles.

Venue Benefit

Drive revenue as early as possible.

Gauge audience interest in certain deals.

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