London’s Tech Elite Discuss Brexit Britain with French PM

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While Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn bounce back-and-forth on their vision for Brexit Britain, London’s top tech talent have organised their own trade mission to Paris, to meet with the French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe.

50 top CEOs and founders, from companies valued at over £5bn that reach an impressive 75m people with their goods and services, have joined the delegation to emphasise how vital Europe is to their businesses.

Organised by Peter Ward Co-founder and CEO of on behalf of ICE, an elite networking group of tech leaders, the group hope to build stronger relationships that are mutually beneficial for both Paris and London.

Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder and Chair of TransferWise, one of London’s biggest recent tech success stories, joined the delegation and said:

“A thriving tech ecosystem in Europe is good for the economic growth of the every country in the region. In light of Brexit, it is even more important to work with together with the rest of Europe.”

Tech leaders statement in full:

As part of the mission, the group of top 50 CEOs and Founders produced a joint statement:

“We want to foster greater cooperation with our EU counterparts – around 45% of UK trade goes to the EU – and the Single Market with over 400 million consumers is the world’s largest market and free trading area. We want to ensure that these ties remain strong and that the exchange of ideas continues despite the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

“We value the role that international talent has played in all our respective companies. We invite the brightest and best minds to work together on the ideas of the future, regardless of their nationality.

“We recognise that ‘Brexit’ is not a zero-sum game. With continued cooperation, investment, research and development, both the UK and EU countries can continue to develop these highly innovative sectors of their respective economies to bring jobs and growth to everyone.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm and encouragement for our sector shown by President Emmanuel Macron and we call on the President and other European leaders to clarify how business in the UK and the EU can continue to work together in the current and future political climate.

“We reiterate that our message is a positive one. We are keen to see more opportunities to work together; to foster cross-collaboration between our countries; bring more opportunities and jobs for us all, and inspire the next generation to work hard towards achieving their dreams.

“We believe that our sector has the potential for considerable expansion and that the expansion of start-up hubs in cities across Europe could become a wider ‘eco-system’ which will be critical to the overall growth of these economies.”

Top CEOs & Founders in attendance

Adam Bird Founder & CEO Cronofy

Adam Goodyer Founder & CEO LiveStyled

Alex Mitchell Co-Founder & Director Chair of IoD 99 and Founder of Causarma

Andre de Haes Founder Backed VC

Andrew J Scott Co-founder 7pc Ventures & ICE

Andrew Richardson Head of Client Relationships LaFosse

Ben Kingsley Partner Slaughter & May

Bindi Karia Founder Boutique Advisory Firm

Claudia Cohen Managing Consultant LaFosse

Dan Bladen Co-founder & CEO Chargifi

Emma Sinclair MBE Co-founder Enterprise Jungle

George Graham CEO & Co-founder Wolf & Badger

Gerard Grech CEO Tech City UK

Greg Marsh Founder One Fine Stay

Holly Tucker Co-founder & CEO

Ishaan Malhi Founder, CEO Trussle

Jacob Fisher Marketing Manager Runway East

John Thompson Co-founder & CEO Userreplay

Martin Ijaha CEO & Co-founde rNeyber

Michelle Dewberry Broadcaster & Businesswomen Presenter, the Pledge, Sky News

Natasha Guerra Co-founder & Exec Director Runway East & ICE

Nikhil Shah Cofounder Mixcloud

Nina Schick Political Commentator Hanbury Strategy, campaigns including Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 Presidential bid

Norris Koppel CEO Monese

Peter Nixey Founder Copyin

Peter Ward Co-founder & CEO WAYN (Where Are You Now?), part of group; ICE

Renaud Visage Co-founder & CTO Eventbrite

Reshma Sohoni Co-founder & Partner Seedcamp

Richard White CEO & Co-founder Goodlord

Sara Fazlali Founder & CEO Secret Me

Shachar Bialick FounderCurve

Simon Hay Founding Partner Firefly Learning

Stephen Bourke CXO, Co-founder Echo

Taavet Hinrikus Co-founder & Chair TransferWise

Toby Moore Co-founder Space Ape Games

Tom Blomfield Co-founder & CEO Monzo

Tugce Bulut Co-founder & CEO Streetbees

Vishal Gulati Venture Partner Draper Esprit VC

Tania Boler CEO Elvie

Rajeeb Dey MBE Co-Founder & CEO Learnably

Alex Wood is Editor in Chief of The Memo. He is also a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, CNN, CNBC and is a visiting lecturer at City University London. Follow Alex on Twitter @alexwoodcreates.

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