The Customer Loyalty Loop

In the events industry, it is a well-established norm that large venues rely on third-party promoters and agents to sell ticket allocations for events.

In this ‘traditional’ model, the customer information and data often belong to this external company. This is because the information is being captured when the customer completes the ticket sale transaction. As a consequence, the venue will not have visibility of this data and will not be possible to build a picture of each customer as an individual. The venue then misses out on future opportunities to build a relationship with that customer.

The relationship is light touch and short-lived, coming to an abrupt halt once the show ends.

Forward thinking venues know that technology can be used to improve this process. These venues are using mobile as a way to improve this customer relationship and to gather data at various touch points. This includes:

  • Ticket purchase

  • At event transactions

  • Post show activities

Through the intelligent processing of information gathered from mobile app data and other sources, the LiveStyled platform can create opportunities to grow the relationship between venues and customers.

This new direct relationship will open up an increasing number of opportunities to communicate targeted messages to individual customers at the right time. This will then drive results in the form of increased incremental revenue from many new avenues.

The model below demonstrates a ‘closed loop’ where the venue has more control around the various touchpoints and ‘owns’ the interactions with the customer.

This can be achieved through a white-labelled LiveStyled mobile app. The app enables all of these transactions to take place within its environment whilst immersing the customer in the venue’s brand.

An example of where this has been executed to achieve incredible results can be seen in our Belfast Giants case study, where season ticket holder spend was increased by 1000%.

Talk to LiveStyled about getting to know your customers better, and drive incremental revenue.

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