The LiveStyled platform consists of a suite of modules designed to enhance every stage of the visitor journey through venue-specific functionality for apps & websites. 

Our Product Modules


Capture data from end-users and let them manage their permissions & preferences across multiple venues, sports teams, partners and other stakeholders.


Configure powerful rules to determine which content you display to which users based on their location, demographics and everything else you know about them.


Enhance the customer experience with location services, interactive maps & wayfinding to help customers plan their visit and find their way around.



Make more money from your visitors with mobile commerce for click & collect, seat delivery, home delivery, premium upgrades and much more.



Offers exclusive rewards to loyal visitors such as season ticket holders or a sponsor’s customers. Use virtual currency to encourage them to spend more.



Get your visitors involved and activate your sponsors with competitions, interactive games, voting and photo frames that can be shared on social media and the big screens.



Reach visitors with smart push notifications that can be triggered or filtered based on location, loyalty level, order history, usage profile and more.



Whichever ticketing system you use, enable visitors to download tickets to their phone and share them with their friends to drive data capture.


Combined with Connect you can enable single sign-on between LiveStyled and the ticketing platform, allowing customers to import their tickets, upgrade to a better seat, share tickets with their friends and use the app for venue access control.


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