Best-in-class product suite


The Personalise module captures data from end-users and uses it to personalise the content they see.


The Content module allows you to configure the Discover feed, Events, Banners, Pages News, Video and more.


Navigate helps you to enhance the customer experience with interactive maps to help customers find their way around.



Monetise equips you with fully native mCommerce. The simple pre-ordering & redemption process requires minimal training, is easy to implement and drives a rapid return on investment.



With Reward, you can make exclusive content available to specific groups of loyal users e.g. season ticket holders, or a sponsor’s customers.



Engage lets your fans get closer to the action. Functions can be added just for fun, or to drive sponsor activation opportunities.




Communicate lets you send push notifications which can be targeted to specific groups, geo-fenced and triggered based on different criteria. This enables you to reach customers with the right message at the right time.



The Access module provides a simple and easy mobile ticketing and ticket sharing. 


Combined with Connect you can enable single sign-on between LiveStyled and the ticketing platform, allowing customers to import their tickets, upgrade to a better seat, share tickets with their friends and use the app for venue access control.


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