Fans Will Have A Number Of Questions

At Home

Tickets booked.

What do I bring?

What will have changed?

What additional safety measures are in place?

What will re-assure me going is safe?

At Event

When is the best time to enter?

Do I need to do anything differently at the turnstiles?

How can I order and collect safely?

What can I do to reward essential workers and give back to the community?


Can I avoid congestion & crowds?

Will public transport be busy?

Where is best to park?

When is the best time to enter?

What if my gate is too busy?

How will people be socially distanced?


The event was great, but they could make me feel more comfortable. Where can I give feedback?

I want to get back to the action again – when’s the next event?

Enable Your Venue To Give The Answers

Right Message, Right Time

Orchestrate Fan Journeys in the Countdown to Event, Day of Event and Post Event

Location-Based Safety Alerts

Use heat maps and location data to monitor crowd density and share real-time safety information to every fan

Minimise any fear & anxiety visitors may have. 


Make the return to normality seamless and most importantly, safe.

Make Fans Feel Safe Coming Back to Live Events

Touch-Free Access Control

Digital ticketing enables contactless ticket scanning, allotted entry times and gate traffic monitoring.

Mobile Ordering & Contactless Collection

Mobile ordering and payment in-app can prevent a build-up of lines near concessions. Paired with 'Collect when ready' technology, customers can remain in their seats and be notified when the order is ready to collect.

Cause Marketing & Giveback Programs

We're all in this together. Supporting the causes and frontline workers during this recovery period is absolutely critical.


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