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Venues use the LiveStyled platform to enhance the customer experience, capture rich data and drive new revenue streams through their apps, websites and other digital touch-points.

LiveStyled powers the digital

customer experience for the

world's biggest arenas


'Best Venue Solution', 'Best New Technology Product'

2017 & 'Best Venue Installation' 2018

Our  award-winning platform enables arenas to become ‘smart’ by helping them recognise, understand and reward their customers digitally.

LiveStyled Venue
LiveStyled Venue

Most venues don't know their own visitors

How well do you know yours?

Your visitors engage with multiple different systems and companies every time they come to your building – from ticketing to wifi, retail, catering and more. This is why venues, on average, have digital knowledge on less than 20% of their visitors.

LiveStyled Clients
LiveStyled Platform

Take control

Understand your visitors

LiveStyled connects visitors with the systems, data sources and content they need at every stage of their journey. This gives you rich insights into their persona, mindset and preferences.

LiveStyled Platform

Every venue is unique

So are your visitors

The LiveStyled platform consists of a suite of modules designed to enhance every stage of the visitor journey through venue-specific functionality for mobile apps & websites.

Depending on the systems you have in place and the nature of your visitors, you can pick and choose the functionality you need to deliver the best possible experience.

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Clients & Case Studies

Clients powering their mobile customer experience with LiveStyled are driving significant measurable business impact. 

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