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A Progressive Web App framework

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Maximise Opportunities to Engage Customers

Acquire is a Progressive Web App Framework that allows LiveStyled’s platform functionality to be delivered within a web environment. This opens up a range of possibilities:

  • Enrich the ticket purchase process with opportunities for competitions & engagement, ancillary spending and rewards.

  • Encourage customers to engage first through your website so they don't have to switch devices or go to the AppStore.

  • Enable customers to start journeys in a PWA and then complete those journeys on your native app.

Bridge The Gap From Web To App

Use Acquire to engage customers much earlier in their journey, whether it be at the point of ticket purchase, through a "Get Ready" email in the run-up to an event or via social media.


For example, customers who order F&B or Merchandise through  Acquire can download your native app to redeem their purchases and earn exclusive rewards. This leverages the strengths of both web and mobile to capture, convert and monetise customers.

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Improve the Customer Journey

With Acquire you can capture customer data much earlier in their journey and drive them to your app so you can still enjoy the benefits that native mobile technology can bring such as location services, ticketing, Bluetooth & NFC.

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